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Sh. Dimple Singh

Sh. Dimple Singh S/o Sh. Ram Mehar, Bairagi, R/o Ward No. 31, Gali No.04, Shastri Colony, Gohana Road, Sonepat, belonging to a poor family having annual income of Rs.44,000/- only was advanced Education Loan of Rs.02.70 lakhs for B.Tech (IT) in 2009 for pursuing his study from NC College of Engineering, Israna, Panipat. The applicant being a sincere and ambitious student encashed the opportunity of Education Loan Scheme of Haryana Backward Classes & Economically Weaker Sections Kalyan Nigam and completed his studies with 78% marks. Keeping his good education record and intelligence, he was selected as Senior Software Developer in Neta Soft Company Pvt. Ltd. Panchkula during campus placement for Rs.24,000/- per month. He is very much contented and is very conveniently depositing Rs.12,000/- per month installment of his Education Loan.


The Nigam wishes him success in every field of life


Sh. Dharminder  S/o Sh. Jai Parkesh, VPO. Mitundu, Tehsil Kharkhoda, District Sonepat raised a loan of Rs.50,000/- on 13th December,2010 for Tailoring Shop for providing stitching services to both ladies and Gents. He worked very hard and earned name in the city as a talented tailor with mastery in stitching techniques. He is successfully running his shop and has succeeded in raising his annual income from Rs.16,000/- to Rs.90,000/-  per annum. He is repaying his installments in time.


The Nigam is proud to have such a hard working man as its beneficiary and wishes him success

Sh Kuldeep Singh

Sh. Kuldeep Singh S/o Sh. Raj Singh, Lohar, R/o Village Rampur. Tehsil & District Sonepat a mechanic was working as an employee in a shop. In an Awareness Camp, he came to know about the financial assistance schemes of Haryana Backward Classes & Economically Weaker Sections Kalyan Nigam. His inner entrepreneurship ability encouraged him to start his work independently. He applied for a loan of Rs.50,000/- and was disbursed loan on 12th November, 2012 under Term Loan Scheme for Auto Repair Shop. He hired a shop on Gohana road opposite Panchyat Bhawan and started his work with the name “DANGI AUTOMOBILES”. His decision of opening the shop on the busy main road paid him dividend. He increased his work and to meet the demand of the customers appointed two more mechanics. His motto of work is to earn satisfaction of the customers. He has succeeded in his mission and is repaying the loan in time. He is easily fulfilling the needs of his family and is taking care of education of his children also.


The Nigam wishes him success in his venture.


Sh Nariender

Sh. Nariender S/o Sh. Charan Dass, R/o Village Galkhera, Ambala, a poor person belonging to the Chimba Backward Class community was running a small Tea Shop with annual income of Rs.36,000/- only. Getting information from one of his customer, about the provision of loan on very liberal terms by Haryana Backward Classes & Economically Weaker Sections Kalyan Nigam, he applied for a loan of Rs.50,000/-. The Nigam was pleased to advance him loan on 15th February, 2011 for the conversion of his Tea Stall into a Departmental Store. Sh. Narinder worked very hard and reinvested his savings in the shop and accumulated goods worth Rs.02.00 lakhs. His good behaviour and honest dealing with the customers enriched his reputation and he succeeded in attracting more and more customers. He believes in increasing the volume of work but with very low profit. His mantra made him successful in raising his per month income from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.25,000/-. He is regularly repaying the loan


The Nigam wishes his journey to continue from Tea Stall to Departmental Store and from Departmental Store to a Showroom, now.


Sh Ishwar Chander

Sh.Ishwar Chander S/o Sh. Lajja Ram, Khati R/o Masita house Jindal Park,Jhansa Road, Kurukshetra, a young man of 32 years came to know about the Nigam’s Financial Assistance programme and applied for a loan of Rs.50,000/- to expand his existing carpentry work. The Nigam found in him honest hardworking and ambitious entrepreneurship qualities and disbursed Rs.50,000/- on 12th June, 2012. He purchased Laith Machine and more new required tools and wood for manufacturing wooden articles. His skill came to light and customers started coming. He succeeded in increasing his annual family income from Rs.38,000/- to Rs.2.00 lakhs per annum. He is spending additional income  on the education of his children. Willingness to rise in life and to gain reputation  and respect in the society,he expanded his work and succeed in opening another shop. He is repaying loan in regular installments. 


The Nigam is looking forward to project him as icon of success and deliver inspiration for others